Is there a Best Time to Exercise?

I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.  ~Marsha Doble

Best time to ExerciseIs there really a best time to exercise?  Is there a best time to burn more fat and calories?    The best time to exercise depends on so much of who you are.  You need to look at you, your day, your family and work life and determine the best, uninterrupted time to exercise.  Here’s some tips to finding that best time and keeping that time slot just for you and your exercise program.

#1 When will you have an hour to yourself, with less interruptions?  Look at everyone’s schedules (in your house) and find the slot that has the least amount of people demanding your attention.  I find the best time is in the morning, before people wake up.  But if people wake early, say it’s my exercise time!  Time to let them know to join you or give you space!  Especially, if you do kickboxing!

#2 The best fat burning time might not be your best time.  The researchers have been looking at what might be the best time to burn fat and burn the most calories, best for weight loss.  So far, they said that it’s best to exercise first thing in the morning, before any breakfast.  That’s better than mid morning or any other time, supposedly.  I say this, because some researches say there’s a best time and some say it’s doesn’t matter.  If morning is the best for you, get it done and maybe you will burn more calories.  Just best to get it done!  Maybe before your brain wakes up and asks you what you are doing?!

#3  Are you a night person or a morning person?  You need to be true to yourself or be open to changing if need be.  If you just can’t roll out of bed in the morning and exercise, exercise in the evening, maybe 2 hours after dinner, 8 or 9pm.  You will still get it done!!  And now it’s on your timing!  If you are a morning person, see point #1 and point #2, enjoy your exercise!  It’s done!!

#4 When will you be most motivated?  You will be more likely to exercise if someone is part of your exercise program.  So, here’s what you can do.  Invite them over to exercise.  Schedule a walk or run or bike ride outside.  See when they are exercising and join them.  Make new exercise friends online – enter your workouts in after you join for free here.  Friends will helps you stay accountable and you will exercise!!

The answer if there is a best time to exercise is about varied as your vacation choices!  There are so many good times, but the best time is the time that works best for you and keeps you motivated so you will work harder.  The harder you work, more effectively you work, you will lose weight, get lean, and run faster.  Feel free to contact me – happy to be your accountability partner and check up on you!!

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  1. This is great advice — not everyone has the same “best time”! Thanks for sharing.

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