Wealth vs Health:  Exercise Today or Pay for it Tomorrow

Exercise, work, family balance

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” ~ A.J.Materi

We are all so busy.  Today, let’s get reminded that being busy earning money while not spending time exercising and becoming healthy is costly.  One eventually has to pay for the other.  So, how can we be sure that we can balance fitting in prioritizing our health and fitness and our work?  As well as our family too?

Balance.. it’s a constant work.  Think about it, all day long our body has to balance some good with the bad, offsetting anything bad that comes into our body via the air, or maybe we trip.  We have to balance it all out.  It’s not something that we stop doing, it’s constant.

If balance is constant, so is exercise and your work and your family.  Agendas and schedules can change by the season, the month or on a daily basis.  It’s up to us to adapt and keep our health a priority, or else it will have to be a priority later on in life.  Here’s some tips on how to keep it all balanced…

  • Exercise first thing in the morning.  At home, without excuses.  Going to the gym takes longer and gives you one more reason why you can’t.
  • Plan a fun activity with your family or just plan to have meals together.
  • Your work schedule is usually planned out by someone else, so be sure to fit your exercise and family around it.
  • If you own your work schedule or work at home, make a list of very important, impactful things and do them at your most productive time.  Less productive brain time can be spent with exercise, family and friends.
  • Do exercise 2 times, splitting up the time.  Makes it shorter, easier to fit in.

Balance your life can be challenging but without balance, you will feel something is missing.  Plus, your health will suffer, including your stamina, waistline, health, more doctor’s appointments.  Here’s some great at home programs that can save you time and really work, order one today and I will be your free coach so you will get it done.

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