Yoga exercise at homeWho doesn’t want to feel great and look great?  Everyone, right?!  It just helps us live an amazing life, so that we can do whatever we want to do, anytime!  But the only catch, we think we have to join a gym or if we are a gym member, that we only exercise at the gym… If you only have one place to exercise, you might skip your exercises, so be sure you have these exercises at home fitness tools.  These are must-haves!  And great for exercise at home abs!

1.  Shoes that suit the exercise:  if you want to run, get running shoes.  If you want to exercise at home inside, get indoor shoes or get a cross train athletic shoe.  It’s important that your feet are taken care of since they will be working hard!

2.  Low impact resistance band– This is your portable weight training exercise at home tools.  This is inexpensive and gets the job done – build muscle is essential to burning fat all day!

3.  Motivational MP3 Player:  Listening to music while exercising can maximize your exercise session and possibly make it even longer, burning  more fat calories!  Enjoy!

4.  Exercise ball for daily use:  This is your ab exercise at home tool!  You can sit on this while on the phone, you can do crunches anytime, you can lift weights from the ball and do a ton of core exercises.  You can work on getting six pack abs from this simple and inexpensive exercise at home tool.

5.  Comfortable Yoga mat:  Got to be comfy while you sit or lie on the ground stretching or strength training.

All of these home exercise tools are really inexpensive.  Now you have to do it!  You are welcome to ask me a few questions, find me on facebook, and sign up for a FREE online gym and free motivation from me, here.

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