Your Weight Loss Commitment Starts with Taking Before Pictures!

Lose Weight over 40!

weight loss commitment, lose weight over 40You made your weight loss commitment because you are so sick of being bigger than you should be.  You feel uncomfortable, unhealthy and you are not fitting into your clothes.  It’s time to change your weight and health!!  Lose weight, trim your waistline and burn fat!

Your weight loss commitment starts with taking before pictures!  I know that the one word that is entering your mind is “gross!”   But taking your before pictures is powerful for both your mind and your body.  Be sure to watch the video about how to take before and after pictures!

This is why you need to take Before Pictures!!

  • You see the truth, the ugly, gross truth.
  • You get angry and want to kick this body away for good – onto the new!
  • You then kick out anything in your life that won’t serve your goal.
  • You change your eating habits, no candy, no sweets, only healthy stuff that serves your new body transformation.
  • You immediately walk out the door and keep walking or running.  Or you do some exercise at home.

This is how you take simple Before Picture!

  • Wear tight fitting, simple gym clothing.  Or a bikini for ladies.  Remember, these photos could be shared once you lose weight and get your amazing body!
  • Find a simple background.  Like a door or wall with nothing on it.
  • Shots:  Front, back, side.  Then take them with your arms flexed.
  • Post them on (be sure to ask for exerciseyourway as your coach).
  • Take and post your measurements.  This way, you can look back and know where you started without guessing!

You are committed to getting it done this time!!!  Time to lose weight over 40.  To lose weight in a very healthy way, with a total commitment to overall fitness and healthy eating.

Next step.. sign up for a challenge group below or contact me for more info!

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