Yes, You can Exercise While on Vacation!

Say.. you want to lose weight or just stay on track with your healthy fitness program?  But you have a vacation and you know that in the past, you stopped exercising and came home and continued with no exercise.  That’s exactly what can happen!!   You totally can get out of the groove.

I just came back from vacation.

This is how you can exercise while on vacation..

It starts with planning.  Before you even start your vacation, make a plan for your exercise.  Consider a home program, that’s only 30 minutes, so you get it done!

Make the time, with a plan A and B.  Be sure to set aside the 30 minutes for your exercise at two times.  Sometimes, it’s not the best time in the morning one day but then the best time the next.  So.. be sure to set 2 times, so you get it done.

Tell your family you will do this, so you have their support!  They know how important your weight loss and health is.  30 minutes is affordable especially when people are behind you.

You will feel better!! Focus on your “me time.”  You don’t get much of it on vacation.  And enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

That’s it!!!  You can do this.  Pop in a DVD daily, press play.. oh, you don’t have a DVD player?!!  No problem.  Use a laptop, buy a cheap $20 DVD player to hook up to a TV or just be creative.  If you want something you will figure it out, I promise!  Let’s catch up!  contact me to chat.  And be sure to sign up today for the next 5 day FREE challenge group.  Or even the best group of all.. 21 days with me as your support partner!

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