Busy Moms Need to Exercise.. Kids Do What You Do

Even though you are so busy, you still need to exercise!!  Yes!!  Because your kids are watching your every move.  They see you eat junk.  They see you sit on the couch or at least don’t exercise.  It’s time you do it for them.  Obesity is rising in such high rates among children, please set the example for your kids.2014-04-26 10.53.24

Here’s some easy choices for exercising and eating healthy, that will benefit you and that your kids will copy:

  • Run or walk
  • Bike ride
  • Short and fun DVD home exercise program:  Some ideas include.. Turbo Jam, anything Shaun T – Insanity, Focus t25, Hip Hop Abs, Zumba!
  • To eat right and have fun with exercise, look into the 21 day fix.  You will get portion controlled containers with a diet that works.  Also fun 30 min exercise you and your kids can do.

If they don’t catch on right away, keep showing them your healthy habit.  One day they will.  It’s contagious.  Feel free to join my next FREE 5 day diet challenge or if you are ready to really get amazing results, the complete challenge with your choice of programs!  Contact me!

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