Why is it so easy to gain weight, over 40?

How can it be so easy to gain weight, now that I’m past my 40th birthday?  There are many reasons and most of which you can change, which means you can lose weight over 40.  That’s the good news.  However, there are some physiological reasons you can’t change, whether you are a woman or a man over 40.

Lifestyle and Metabolism are the biggest problems in our “over 40” world.  You can actually change both, at least a little..

When it comes to lifestyle, by now, you’ve enjoyed some comfort foods and drinks, and have a habit of imbibing… possibly too often.  That was ok in your 30’s when the weight just slowly crept on but in your 40’s, you can see that the weight gain is quicker and more.   Maybe you feel you are swimming upstream and you try to lose weight over 40?!  And now, you don’t know what it will take the change this course of events, the weight gain part.  Read on..

You are caring for kids and your parents which leaves you little time to exercise or take care of yourself.  Time to schedule yourself in.  If you don’t take care of yourself, who will???  Time to lose weight over 40.

Metabolism.. this is the process of breaking down foods for usable energy.  The catch here.. when you are over 40, your metabolism slows down. This is because of a drop in muscle from less use and normal to the aging process.  Also, due to diet, when a person decides to eat very little then the metabolism will drop.  You want a higher metabolism which means, you will have to build muscle and eat often, as well as enough.

To wrap it up.. you, as the over 40 person, who wants to lose weight over 40, have a few challenges.  We have our lifestyle that we’ve established.  We also have established our slower metabolism.  This is what you will do to lose weight over 40:  Make time for you!!!  and Lift weights!! and Eat Healthy!!

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2 thoughts on “Why is it so easy to gain weight, over 40?

  1. Josy

    Great page! … So true! …turning 40 + is a challenge!

  2. Building muscle – that’s been the trick for me! Thanks for a great post.

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