How to Lose Weight at Work!

Lose Weight over 40

Lose weight over 40, lose weight at workYou probably well know that there are ways to gain weight at work, but how about some simple, everyday things you can do to lose weight at work.  Each takes a little planning but you have to plan your day at work for the company, time to plan your day to take care of YOU!!  You can lose weight anywhere and at any age, lose weight over 40.

Here’s 3 Simple, Everyday Things to Lose Weight at Work!

1.  Walk more!!  Park further away, skip the elevator and take the stairs.  I know you’ve heard this before and wonder if it can really be true.  One thing you can do is wear a gadget that tells you just how many calories you are burning, a Caltrac will work great. There’s others too.  The more calories you burn, the close you get to burning a pound of fat, 3500 calories.  Healthy fat loss is 1-2lbs a week.  You can lose weight over 40 this way, so keep walking and have fun with it.

2. Change your eating habits. Pack your own healthy lunch and skip the candy jars.  When you eat breakfast, a small snack for mid morning, then a healthy, brown bagged lunch, you will be less likely to eat too much and less likely to snack on someone’s candy jar, unless you are mindlessly reaching for it.  Keep your hands out of their jar and keep yourself busy!!

3. Drink a ton of water!  When you drink so much, you will feel fuller and have to use the bathroom more.  You will have to walk more and burn more calories!!  Drink a tall glass of cold water before every meal and you will will most likely eat less.  Try it!  It works for many successful weight loss people.  You can lose weight over 40 and be successful weight loss story!

Lose weight over 40, successful weight loss

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