Why Exercising at Home is better than a Gym – for Very Overweight

Exercise programs for Women over 40

losing weight at homeThere’s a lot of people who are devoted to going to a gym or a health club, call it what you may.  But there’s a better way – especially if you are over 50lbs overweight.   There are many reasons why you got to over 50lbs overweight and many of these reasons are the same reasons why you may not want to visit a gym, even if you spent the money on the gym membership!  It’s not about the money, it’s about your comfort level – for the most part.

Reasons why exercising at home is better than the gym!

You have to go to someplace where you know no one.

You have to make time in your schedule to go to that strange place, the unknown.

You don’t understand how to use equipment and once you do, you still need to understand how to use it effectively to lose weight, not just go through the motions.

You would be entering into a place where “fit people are getting fitter” which just doesn’t make sense for you.  You want health!

There’s a fear factor about going into the unknown, using the unknown.

To get effective programs, you will still have to pay for a personal trainer, who will hopefully understand you.

How will you lose weight at home?

Buy a home fitness program and actively communicate with your assigned coach!

Be sure to follow the calendar as part of the program.  If it doesn’t have a calendar, telling you step by step what to do, get a fitness program that has a calendar and a nutrition guide, aka diet.

Follow their diet.

That’s it!!  Does that sound any simpler?!  I’m a coach and very happy to help motivate you.  Be sure to check out my testimonials on my blog.

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