Tips to Stop Eating at Night & Lose Weight

How to lose weight fast for women over 40!

Weight loss is a battle being fought by many.  When asked people what one of their big weight loss mistakes is, they say.. eating at night.  How can we stop eating at night?  That’s the big question!  Once we have the answer that really works, weight loss happens so much more easily.  Only then can we really experience how to lose weight fast for women over 40!

Before we get into the tips, be sure you have eaten enough for the day, spaced out all day, rather than missing meals.  That could be your first issue – not eating enough.  But once you’ve eaten enough and feel satisfied from dinner, stop eating!  I know, easier said than done.   Let’s change your night eating habit with these tips and help you lose weight now!

Tips to Stop Eating at Night & Lose Weight!

1.  Brush your teeth once you are done eating and drinking.

2.  Still hungry?  Have some tea or glass of water.

3.  Still hungry?  Have a protein shake. and check out the 30 day Shakeology Challenge!

4.  Still hungry?  Ask yourself if you are still hungry or if you just want a taste, or you are bored.  If you are craving something – distract yourself with a project, book, or go to bed early.

I hope these tips help you to lose weight.  Night eating can be a huge struggle but once you overcome it with these tips or others that work for you, you will be well on your way for permanent healthy weight loss with your newly adopted lifestyle change!!

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