Lose Weight with 5 Swaps a Day!

How to lose weight fast for women over 40!

watermelon flowerLet’s keep it simple today!  Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated since it’s actually a mathematical equation (at least in part).  If you eat too much and move too little, you probably will gain weight.  But no matter what, you need something that you will stick with so you can consistently eat healthy.

Here’s an easy idea to lose weight..

When it comes to weight loss, 70% of our weight loss is due to our dietary choices.  So here’s a simple way to increase our chances of weight loss.  And add fruits and veggies to our diet.

Lose Weight with 5 Swaps a Day!

If you are eating some high fat and/or high sugar items, they would be the first ones you would swap for veggies or fruit.  Just swap out your cookie for a fruit.  Be sure to pick a nice juicy fruit!  Then swap another item for a veggie.  Try to balance it out.  One swap for veggie, one for fruit.  Yes, just swap a your cookie for a fruit, and another item for a veggie and so on.

Your focus should be to exclude as many high fat and high sugar items by fruit veggie ideasswapping them for veggies and fruits.  The higher sugar and higher fat items will stop you from weight loss due to their increased calorie content and that you are more likely to choose sugar than healthy less sugar foods.  You well know by now that eating sugar will only fuel a “sugar addiction.”  Yet another reason to avoid it!!

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