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ultimate reset was 736lbs

I have been heavy throughout my whole life and have lived in solitude, escaping to my games, which got very lonely at times. I have been on food stamps for at least 2 years because I have been unemployed and was forced to live out of my car while I was in Oregon because I had no money. I interviewed for several jobs but once they saw me I was pretty much told that the position was filled…no one would hire me in the condition I was in. I had pretty much given up hope on life. I was destined for certain death if I did not make some type of change. It was time to do or die.

My mom had recommended I try the Ultimate Reset because of all the testimonials she was hearing from all the people who were using it. She offered to have me come and stay for 21 days and monitor everything. I reluctantly agreed.

I’m not going to lie, I was really hesitant to try the program because I saw some of the foods on nutrition plan and knew most of them were not my favorites. My meals prior to the Ultimate Reset consisted of fast food pizza, Angus 1/3 pounds burgers with fries and a large soft drink and that was pretty much a revolving door for me. But the Ultimate Reset foods were delicious! I didn’t expect that. I was going to bed early and actually getting a good night’s rest. It taught me the proper way to prepare my meals and that I could eat smaller portions and not be hungry. Seeing the weight drop off has motivated me to make this a way of life.

I began the reset at 736 pounds and lost a total of 40 pounds in the entire 21 days. While I was hesitant in the beginning about the whole thing, I stuck by the menu plan the entire 21 days. I actually have continued the program and now lost a total of 93 lbs! I experienced things on the reset that I never expected to see in my life: more energy and waking up and realizing that I had a good night sleep. Can’t remember the last time I had either one of these two things. The Ultimate Reset was a great start to my new future & even though I know I have a long way to go, it’s given me hope of a normal life. Once I get down to what I believe is a good weight for my height, I will set out to help young kids who are in the same predicament that I was in and I think my testimonial will be a great start for all of them.

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