Lay the Foundation for Successful Weight Loss – 2 tips

When you get ready to do something monumental or big in your life, do you jump right in or do a little planning to get there?  Most likely, you plan at least a little before you take a big leap.

successful weight loss, lose weight over 40When it comes to losing weight, make it a big deal.  Something very serious, because, it is serious!  This is your health.  This is your lengthened life with a higher quality of life.  This is you spending more active time with those you love and setting them up for a healthy life because of your example!

Can you tell that I’m really passionate about you sticking with weight loss?  It is really that important, that you lose weight over 40 (or any age), as soon as possible, but in a healthy way.  You can do this!

Start by building your foundation.  Here are 2 tips to build your foundation to successful weight loss:

1.  Set your goal (s).  Be sure to put numbers to it.  That you will be x size by date, for example.  Or that you will complete a 5k in x minutes on date.  Be specific.  Once you do that, write it down and post is prominently.  And sit down, visualize this happening.  See it happening daily, even for a short minute or 2.

2.  Get into eating healthy NOW.  This means breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2 snacks.  All healthy.  You may not be a breakfast person, but successful weight loss is achieved and maintained by those who eat all meals.  So if you are not, try Shakeology on me, for FREE.  And then pick a place in your day when you can’t eat and put it there.  It’s worked wonders for me!

You can lose weight over 40!  You can be successful at weight loss, start today!!

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