How Do I Get Started with Exercise?  with Back Issues..

defaultYou have back issues, some back pain in the lower back but know that if you exercise you will be able to lose the weight and your back will feel much better.  But.. how do you get started without hurting yourself more?  I write this assuming your doctor cleared you.. please listen to your doctor.

By now, you may have asked a personal trainer about this very topic – how to get started with exercise with some back issues – anbody-143798_150d what did the trainer say?  I’ve heard that trainers and friends will tell people to just go for it and work hard so that you can get results, lose the weight and everything will be fine.

This is where I differ! I am a trainer, ACE and NASM certified.  I would like to teach you the right way to get started with exercise and weight loss.

You need to take it one step at a time! 

First step:  get started with some simple core exercises to help your back.

Second step: get your diet in line.

Third step: bring your intensity of each exercise up but not all at once.  You need to be out of breath or pushing your intensity when it comes to weight training.

Reminder: be sure to pull your belly button in to contract the core muscles so that you are supporting your back at all times, especially when weight training.

Here’s some core exercises – step by step – almost like I’m training you!!

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