Getting Started with Push Ups!

You might be asking “how can I get started with exercise at home?”  And then one exercise might stop you and then another.  Because the quesiton is “how do I do this without getting hurt or injured?”  You can get started at home by using these getting started videos, to include this one!

Why Push ups? 

Push ups are important to use for developing chest and shoulder muscles.  But also, it’s important to help improve our core stability and strength.  This is important to avoid back problems, while keeping our upper body strong and functional at any age.Modified push ups1

Tips to get started: 

Start with your knees on the ground while improving your form.  Pull in your belly button and tighten your abs to support your back and core area.  Place your hands right under your shoulders and bend your elbows.  Be sure to look forward so you are not hunching your back but keeping it flat and strong.

Here’s a quick video I made, with my little boy of 2.5yrs, on how to do good, quality push ups.  You can do this!  After you watch this be sure to check out my free 5 day group and 21 day challenge.

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