Big Reason to Stay in Shape Moms! Kids Activities such as Sledding

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One of the big reasons why I stay in shape is because I want to enjoy myself and as a Mom, I couldn’t imagine life without strength and stamina.  My little boys, 2 and 6 years, are very active.  Without being in shape, I wouldn’t be able to give them this fun time.

How are you giving your kids fun?  Are you able to?  This isn’t about looking good – although that’s wonderful – it’s about you being “all in” as a Mother.  You can get in shape with a little amount of time, 30 min most days of the week, or just start with 2.  I’m here to support you through accountability groups, so be sure to check it out.  Plus, how about a free consult with me, where I let you know what I think might be the best way to get started to get the results you want, contact me.


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