Avoid Holiday Weight Gain! and Lose Weight over 40 too!

lose weight over 40, holiday lose weightWeight gained during the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Years can be 10lbs or more!!!  Even sadder, is that the weight gained doesn’t always come off during the year, even with the best intentions.  And the process repeats again next December!!  All because people let themselves go.  They go to a lot of parties, commit to many things and don’t budget exercise time or meal planning time.

lose weight over 40, lose weight holidayCommit to avoid Holiday Weight Gain!  And Lose Weight over 40 too!

  • Stick with your regular scheduled workouts or at least do 30 min of walking or something, daily.
  • Keep all your meals in your diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to include Shakeology) rather than budgeting all your calories for the party.  That way you will eat less at the party, being in better control.
  • Be sure to have a healthy snack before the party.
  • Go easy on the alcohol and sugary drinks and desserts.
  • Remove temptations from your home.
  • Be sure to relax with Yoga or something, taking time for yourself.  You deserve it!
  • Have a non food reward system.
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