Weight Loss Strategy: Should I Weigh Myself Everyday?

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lose weight over 40, should I weigh myself everydayFor many people, weighing themselves can be good and possibly bad.  They want to lose the belly fat, lose weight, and get healthy.  This question gets asked all the time, as we want to lose weight over 40.  But most have concluded that weighing yourself is good to keep you on track with your weight loss or maintenance program.

 “Should I weigh myself everyday?”… here’s some Points to keep in mind as you decide to weigh yourself daily:

  1. You know that you are on track when you don’t gain weight.
  2. Keeps you thinking that if you eat a poor food choice or don’t exercise, then the scale will reflect this.  Again, this keeps you on track with weight loss and weight maintenance.
  3. Daily weight ins give you fluctuations of water that may not be accurate as far as the important part, the fat loss.  Instead, look at weigh ins on  less frequent basis to account for these fluctuations.
  4. You know right away that you made a mistake in gaining weight and as long as you see that as positive information to get you back on track, it works well!  If you see this as negative feedback and gets you depressed, then you will go on to gain weight.
  5. It might be obsessive to weigh yourself daily.  You may obsess about food and exercise, possibly leading to an eating disorder.

So what to do, “Should I weigh myself everyday?”  I would suggest, if you need this accountability, to weigh yourself on a weekly or monthly basis.  Daily, can be too much for your emotional health, too obsessive.  But weekly can be much better, keeping you on track with your weight loss and eating program.  That way, you will understand why you gained or lost weight that week and do the better to lose weight over 40, the next week.

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