Out of every 10 Americans, 6 are obese or overweight and most can’t lose weight.  They try diets and they try other things, maybe even exercise, but just can’t seem to lose the weight.  So, what is the answer to dieting and losing weight?  Can diets work or do diets fail every time?

4 Reasons Why Diets Fail

  1. Not Fully Committed. You need to be totally in the game, ready to give it your all and committed to the end goal or else it won’t work.  It’s not a quick fix.  Identify a personal reason why you want to lose weight.  Then do positive self talk and be in touch with your weight loss goal daily.  Be sure to set daily and weekly goals that are manageable and attainable.
  2. People Expect Miracles. It takes time to put weight on and it will take time to take it off, so don’t expect miracles.  Chip away, 3-5 lbs at a time and you will notice a significant difference in lowered blood pressure, lowered stress hormones, and less pain the feet and knees.  Be happy for all these results!
  3. Diet is Not Sustainable. People need to be satisfied and happy, not cranky because they are still hungry and really wnat a little more.  Quick fix diets set you up for failure so be sure you are in it for the long run.
  4. Can’t Forgive Slip Ups. We are far from perfect so forgive yourself and move on when you make a mistake and indulge.  The next day is a new day and a new beginning.  Continue on your path and forgive yourself, move on!!

The answer….  Dieting is not the answer.  Lifestyle is.  Once your incorporate a healthy way to live and eat, you will finally achieve lasting weight loss success.  It needs to be a lifestyle change.

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