Who doesn’t have some kind of stress in their lives?  We all have stress but what can differentiate your life from another stressed out person is how you deal with it.  And yes, you can deal with it positively through stress buster exercise.

Can you relate?

  • Work a ton of hours and rarely see your home or family
  • Work multiple jobs
  • Have a tough boss
  • Have multiple changes in your life: marriage, divorce, home buying or selling, baby, etc.

You name it – stress!

Yes,  we all can relate that sometimes our lives become… challenging!

Stress can kill you too early.  Or can really give you a wake up call with an early heart attack or event.  Now is the time to get it under control and destress!

Get some stress buster exercise – 5 great exercises!

  1. Kick boxing class – great for someone who wants to punch out their boss or someone else – but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.
  2. Jamming class – great for someone who loves to dance and shake hips.  Try Turbo Jam for kicking and jamming.
  3. HIIT – great for the type A or someone who is really short on time and likes more high intense workouts.  Try Turbo Fire.
  4. Run or bike – great for someone who wants to be alone or without so many people.  Maybe the stress is from being around people.
  5. Weights – you like to be alone too, so pound some weights rather than anyone else!

You name it, let me know your favorite exercise.
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