Strength training is a weight loss exercise if done right.  Get into it slowly, build a base, avoid injuries and … you’re off to burning fat through strength training!

Just imagine if after just two months of moderate strength training or weightlifting, increasing your muscle mass enough to burn more than extra 1,000 calories per week!  Just sitting on the couch!!  This is when strength training is a weight loss exercise!  Muscle is at least five times more metabolically active as compared to fat tissue.  This means that you will become a fat burning machine if you build more muscle.  More muscle will help you reduce your body fat percentage even when you are a couch potato!  Isn’t that what you want?  To be able to relax sometime and still burn fat!

Let’s dispel some myths about strength training.  Ladies, have no fear, you will not gain so much muscle as to look like a he-man.  It is not possible.  You do not have the hormonal make up as a man.  Men, you will not gain enough muscle to look like a body builder as long as you lift at or above 10 repetitions in each set.  You both will enjoy strength training as a weight loss exercise.  For both men and women, it is best to start out with more repetitions, approximately 12 or 15 or a little more.  After 2-4 weeks and after you feel comfortable with your routine, then increase the weight so that you fatigue at 10-12 repetitions.  This will help you gain the muscle you need to be a fat burning machine from this weight loss exercise program without gaining the unwanted bulk.

Strength training can be complex and is best understood with the help of an expert.  You will gain an efficient and result oriented program with specific weight loss exercises if you consult with an expert who will support your goals.

Be a fat burning machine!!

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