“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.”
– Liane Cardes

Weight Loss Friend Helps Consistent ExerciseWeight loss, losing your midsection, getting sexy toned muscles, becoming stronger and running faster is about continuous effort.  Working towards a goal takes daily actions with daily renewed commit to reach your goals.  Can you do this?  Yes!!

Your First Step is CONFIDENCE Look at your life and find something that you accomplished that took some time.  Maybe it was a college degree, maybe it was raising your kids, maybe it was a project you started and finished.  You become proud that you did it and understood than that anything is possible.  Let’s get the confidence back.

Your Second Step is WRITE IT DOWN!  Yes, write down your goal and be specific.   How much weight do you want to lose and what size will you be?  Do you want to run faster and longer?  Which race will you join as your goal race?  Write your weight loss and performance goals down.

Your Third Step is to PLAN!  Plan when you will exercise, for how long and what the exercise will be.  Sometimes this is very difficult especially if you haven’t done this successfully.  But.. ask for help!  I am here for you and happy to help you get a doable plan together.  You will need to do some cardio exercise, something that makes you sweat and breath more, move more.  Then add in some weight training with resistance bands and/or weights or even body weight.  Be sure to stretch.  And lastly, although most important, plan your diet and eating plan.  If you are an angel at either exercise or food, you will not lose weight.  You need to do both!

Your Fourth Step is to TAKE ACTION DAILY – CONTINUOUS EFFORT Every day, do something small or big, depending on what you have time for.   Of course you are busy, who isn’t?!  But carve out the time and it will be so worth it to become healthier, move more, move better, do more fun things in life and fit into fun clothes.

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