“If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.”
– Carl Lewis

Today, have the confidence that you can win the battle of the bulge and become healthier.  Don’t give yourself a way out.  You have won other battles, probably bigger than this, so go for it and win.

Let’s get some confidence that you can become healthier, lose weight and feel better! Some ideas that will keep your goal real and keep you confident!

  • Put the goal in front of you daily, written on a mirror or the fridge or wherever you will see it.
  • Have a plan to exercise daily, or nearly daily and a plan B when you don’t get to it as you wanted to.
  • Have a plan to eat less but more frequently and more in control.  Portion sizes can be your friend if you make them smaller, while still eating much of what you enjoy!
  • Read (or listen to) a success related book to fend off non successful thoughts!  Your well meaning friends and family will boo hoo your decision to become healthy – don’t listen to them!!  Success books help!
  • Exercise daily and really look forward to other parts of the exercise, like enjoying the outside, the sunshine, the fun music, the fun people exercising around you.

I’m here for you!  Give me a ring or email anytime to be sure you are staying on track with your exercise program.

If you want to learn more about a cleanse that works to jump start you, check this out.   Also, if you decide to enjoy it daily, I have a special to include personal fitness coaching or training.  Just ask!

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2 thoughts on “Be Confident that Your Weight Loss Fitness Goal will Be Yours!

  1. Yes, your right – if you believe that you lose your weight higher than you expected-(then your wish is your command, )if you think that you can do that things…

    1. Francesca

      Thanks so much for the comment! Think big and better things will happen, and you will do more!

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