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Sugar – is it stopping your goal to Lose Weight?

Lose Weight over 40 can be yours…

Ok, time to understand what is at the bottom of your weight loss problem.  Is it eating too much and moving too little, like many suspect?  Or maybe it’s one major craving – SUGAR!

There’s sugar in everything!  Almost any snack you have, has sugar.  If your body doesn’t have sugar, you reach for it.  When you order a coffee, you ask for a ton of sugar for it.  When you have a soda or juice, or a candy bar. When you have white pasta or bread, it’s there too.  Any baked good – sugar is there.

Why is it important to decrease sugar?  Because sugar in your diet will keep you reaching for more.  Your body will get used to the feeling of the “up” feeling.  An “up” feeling will usually be followed by the “down” feeling, which will mean that you need more to feel up and awake.  The more sugar you have, the more calories you have which means that you can never really lose weight.  If you are over 40, to lose weight over 40 will mean you need to be even better than ever before! drop the sugar!

Today, find out if you are having sugar too much.   Do a food journal.  Write everything down and the time.  Once done, feel free to contact me and send me this, so I can assist you.   Have a great day!

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  1. Great post, Francesca. I’ve got a sweet tooth. Shakeology really helps curb it.

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