Weight Loss Challenges as I got Older… Overcame!

I want to let you know weight loss challenges are a real thing!  Getting older makes it harder but it’s possible if you are determined.  I was determined and had to really become older and wiser to get it done!  I had to know I was on the right track with my measurements and scale, and the way clothes fit.  And it worked.  Here’s how it went!

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Weight loss…  I’ve never been overweight but by military standards and by the height weight chart of back then, I was on the edge.  That always bugged me!  I always wondered how my really fit body that can run and do so many things was 10-15lbs more than I should be (or wanted)?  Then I simply reasoned that the charts were wrong and the military standards were too stringent for women and easier for me, but deep inside, it still bugged me that I couldn’t get my weight lower.  There had to be a way since others were slimmer and doing similar fitness things.

Fast forward to after I had my first child and I was 40.  Now, typically, this is a time when people gain weight or it becomes even harder to lose weight, due to ingrained habits and to hormonal changes and many other reasons.  This became a time of change for me.  I had to change my workouts due to having a child.  I started back at the gym, with my usual workouts of spin, weights and other fun things.  He didn’t like the babysitting and made it well known to the sitter by being bad over and over.  So eventually, he was not allowed back into babysitting.  I was forced to find a better way.  At the same time, I was getting into home videos and finding that I can get a decent workout at home in less time.  This would allow time with my baby at playgroups and library classes.  This setback at the gym became my time to fully immerse myself into shorter and effective workouts.  Between resistance training, using bands and a few weights and interval training, which took 45 minutes or less per day, my baby lump, affectionately called “Lucas lump” was taken off!  I lost over 10 pounds and more!   I was already eating healthy, so that wasn’t the issue as much as getting the most effective exercise for what I needed.  I believe I was doing hours and hours of exercise, and too much cardio.  Whereas, I really needed training that was short and powerful, with more effective weight training and intervals in my cardio.  I was so impressed with my results that I happily share it with others, knowing full well that anyone can fit in exercise and anyone can get past their set point weight to a much lower weight.  You don’t have to wear your current weight forever!  It can change, but you have to be determined enough to be open to change, monitor progress and do the work.  I figure, that I was already doing the work, so why not do the right work and do it in a shorter time!


I had a second child 4 years later and this time, my weight struggles increased!  Older body and more diligence and determination had to be used to get his weight off.  Plus, I gained 40 pounds during this pregnancy (possibly due to my lower weight).  I used many of the same techniques and additionally used new nutrition to get it off and take off my increased bloat.  My nutrition included more greens, 3 times and day and a nutritional cleansing regimen.  But my exercise program, being similar, yet different was slower to help me lose the weight.  I made sure to check my progress monthly and was highly focused because I knew losing weight was absolutely possible.  I believe it’s your belief in you that comes first, by the way!  A few months of diligence and the weight moved!  Then it moved more and more.  And now I’m back to pre-baby weight or better!

I hope you become inspired by my story of weight loss at an older age, over 40 and after baby.  You can do it!  I am on your side.  Feel free to contact me to get any specific recommendations.

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