Nutrition habits for joy life!

When you eat healthy, how do you feel from the inside?  Usually, I feel no change and feel fine.  What if you eat some unhealthy pleasure?  You might have a twinge in your belly, or feel less energy or something.  That’s how I feel.  It’s a reminder of what doesn’t agree and what serves your body.  When you honor that, you will feel a greater joy and health.  Feeling good from the inside, especially the gut, you will feel greater happiness and that’s so important to YOU!  Your overall health and happiness!


Did you even think that joy and happiness can come from the gut?  We always hear that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Interesting right?  The way to your happiness is through your stomach or gut too!  When you feel good from the inside, you will feel happy inside too.  Serving yourself by eating the foods that honor your body will serve your joy and happiness.


Stay in touch with your gut!  When you notice how a food make you Gassy bellyfeel, start learning which ones to avoid and which ones to include.  Your cells change all the time.  Which simply means that what served you in the past, may not serve you now.  I’ve learned this over time that I can’t eat what I used to be able to eat when I’m younger.  I don’t feel good or have a lack of energy.  My busy adult life as mother, work, and enjoying my playful fitness and helping others demands a good source of energy and gut health.  This is always a work in process!

Feel free to contact me and or comment with your nutrition challenges.  I’ve been honoring my body with healthy foods and incorporated healthy cleansing and detoxing to bring up my energy and my life.  It’s been a new world!  If you are not right, start with nutrition.  Let’s talk.


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