Top 3 Weight Loss Tips for Women over 40 to Focus on 

Good for you!  You are over 40!!  But, 40 isn’t an easy age to live. The uncanny lines on your face or the heavy pounds at not the most apt places which deter you from wearing your favorite outfits. Women over 40 have great challenges women lost weightto face. For instance, there is an uncontrolled tendency to gain about 10 pounds 10 years from hitting the age of 40 years. This is usually because of the loss of muscle mass which is further enhanced when women resort to quick weight loss pills and dieting with fasting.

Experts say that the loss of muscle mass from dieting can actually slow down the rate of metabolism which slows down and could stop your calorie burning capacity in your body.

Women over 40 also have to understand that their bones have aged. As a result, modified and low intensity exercises are best suited for keeping fit, agile and healthy.

What Can Speed Up the Metabolism in Women at 40?
How can Women Lose Weight Fast over 40?

The most effective ways to increase the metabolism rate, how to lose weight fast for women over 40 and to keep the excess weight off permanently are:

  • Strength training:  You can do this with weights and with bands or tubing in the privacy of your own home.  My favorite is Chalene Extreme and other favorites include p90x, p90x2, and Insanity.
  • Balanced diet:  Yes, this means include all meals, not just the afternoon meals and not just one, in the hopes that fasting will be your saving grace.  Fasting will only help you save fat and keep you overweight, unhealthy and very tired.  So be sure to eat often, controlled and balanced.  The meal planner really helps!!
  • Stretching exercises:  You will find stretching as part of every exercise at home program from Beachbody.  If you like Yoga, you’ll find that in p90x, p90x2.  You will find a stretch in Insanity and Turbo Fire.  So, choose a program that seems fun and the stretch is part of it!

Women over 40 should focus on:  low intensity exercises, weight training and no dieting

What about preexisting injuries?  We all have them women over 40!  Be sure to  take care an injury which needs protection and less exertion. For example, a knee or elbow problem which can sidetrack a woman who over-trains her muscles to build strength and endurance. Neglecting or ignoring an already problematic joint can land you in a more dormant state than you imagined, which often circles around bouts of depression, weight gain, insomnia and stiffness.

suprise weight lossNow is your turn.  Time to pick a fitness program with a meal planner to help get you successfully losing weight.  You can lose from 4-8lbs a month and that’s healthy weight loss.  Contact me for the best pick for your interests!

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