I Love Chocolate – My Slender Secret Weapon can be Yours!

I love chocolate. How about you?  And I keep it in my lifestyle eating plan, without guilt!  Do you?

We all have a guilty pleasure (or two, or three) and as we get older a couple of things happen with our guilty pleasures:

  1. First, they aren’t as forgiving on the figure like they used to be
  2. Second, we kinda don’t care anymore

Of course, we still care about how we look and feel. But, a bikini body is not what we are really after anymore.

Instead, wouldn’t you be happy with a lifestyle that allows these guilty pleasures, with a solid plan that is tasty and get us to “fit and healthy” and “healthy aging”, without a ton of restrictions?

It’s definitely possible and has worked for so many people.  Include healthy chocolate into a nutrition cleansing system, with plenty of nutrients!  And even a beer or wine – but not much, especially as you get on track.i-love-chocolate

And that’s how I live.

I live by an 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I am prepped with good healthy food and the other 20% I enjoy life.

In addition, I also weight train three times a week so that I am able to get away with that 20%.  And mix in cardio, HIIT, and flexibility training.  My lean muscle mass burns a ton of calories for me and I keep it fresh and allow changes as my life changes too.   (You will have full access – FREE – to designed programs made by personal trainers in our group!)

Let me tell you what’s in this photo here!  The isadelight is a little square chocolate pleasure that is great for an afternoon slump or before a workout.  The isalean pro is a very tasty and frothy shake, that can easily substitute for a meal.  The isalean shakes range from 24-36 grams of protein, which we need as we weight train and make more lean muscle and lose the unhealthy fat.  Here’s an isalean video, “your key to building muscle and losing weight”.

And here’s a previous blog post about chocolate cravings!  Yes, you can get rid of chocolate cravings.  I give you tips to do this.  Best to use your guilty pleasures sparingly and stay in control of your healthy lifestyle.

I’d love to talk sometime and get you on track.  Feel free to contact me and let me know a day and time that works to connect!  If curious, here’s more results with the program! Here you will see an inspiration to you and me, and how it’s possible to get on track permanently!




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