3 tips to Get Rid of Chocolate Cravings – Busy Women!

Who doesn’t crave some chocolate?!  Most of us do, whether it’s for emotional reasons, energy, or habit.  I want to address this and give you some options that I’m using to chocolate cravings pindeal with this.  Definitely one of my vices!

Tip 1:  Get Busy.  What I do is get out of the kitchen and get busy doing something.  How about your blog you intended to write?  Your business work and goals for the day?  Decluttering the house?  The list goes on but all you have to do is get busy and stay away from accessible chocolate!  You can do this!

Tip 2: Healthy Chocolate – guilt free.  Yes, Isagenix has guilt free chocolates.  When I first heard about isadelight, I still had a feeling of guilt but we all know that chocolate can be healthy so I went with it.  I promise, it’s well worth it.  As for the isalean shake… delish!  Just like a frosty and yet, with 36 or 24 grams of undenatured protein, you will be satisfied for a long time, like 3 hours!

Tip 3:  Support Community.  Be sure to have support lined up.  I have a Facebook group that are you welcome to request to join.  It’s body and business Facebook group with the goal to improve both your body and your business.  This way, both will happen very positively.  Your health body and business will grow together.  Sign up for my newsletter to get the most recent update on the next burn fat forever training and feel free to contact me for a free get together by phone!  I like to get personal, get to know you to keep you on track.  My facebook page, exerciseyourway.


Here’s a quick video:

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