What if 30 days of focused effort could change your life? 

Would you follow the plan step by step?little-black-dress-transformation

It’s healthy, I promise.  I research things and it is healthy, a very, very healthy way to lose weight and get healthy or just simply gaining overall health and energy.  My name is Francesca Kotomski.  I’m over 40 – like you – and had kids after 40.  I’ve helped many people jump start to lose weight and have stayed in contact with them.  I want their success!  I want your success too and I believe you can, anyone can with determination, support and desire.

Some of us just can’t believe that we could ever change our world to healthy, to a “normal size.”  So we keep living life and getting larger, more unhealthy and unfortunately, it all catches up.  A healthy weight will avoid many of the ills – pain, some cancers, longevity, energy, stamina, and never mind the whole host of illness I have yet to mention.  You know this, you are educated, I don’t doubt one bit.

But.. it’s so hard to get started.  It’s also so hard to believe that this time will be different.  But it will!  I’m here for you!  I call people, email, text, and expect you to call me, email, text, so that you can get results.  I run private Facebook groups and they have lost weight.

Here’s a video to help inspire you!

Why Doctors Recommend Isagenix

More info on the 30 day pack

Ready to get started? Have a few questions? Feel free to schedule a time to talk so we can get the right plan to fit your life. Here’s my Isageneix website.

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