Accountability Is What Sets the “Losers” from the “wish I was losing weight”!

People exercise harder when someone is pushing them! 

People eat healthier and stay on track when accountable to someone!

Can you relate?

As I was training someone today, a woman who just turned 50 renewed my belief in accountability and that a partner is the most important part of her health.  She said she definitely works harder when there’s a trainer with her or when she reports into someone, as she returns back for more training or coaching.  She is more consistent when she is held accountable to someone, and thus is more likely to get results from her consistent healthy actions.

I’m sure you can see yourself in this story.  I’ve been involved with coaching or training many people.  The people that are consistently checking in are the ones who get results.  So.. I’m here to tell you that I’m here for you too!

Accountability PartnersYou are welcome to enjoy accountability with me, as I will be your official accountability partner.  Let’s set up your healthy strategy for free today!

There’s a few options..  Let me know that you are interested in the next private Facebook group for accountability.  I will post motivational messages, recipes and get you psyched to keep consistent.

Another option is that you will be privately coached by me either for a fee or as one of my preferred customers.  The preferred customer has a small yearly fee (39 or 29) and is enjoying Isagenix products as part of a consistent healthy eat clean lifestyle.  Typically, for weight loss, you would start with the 30 day program or the energy and performance program, depending on your goals and energy needs.  I will be committed to monitoring your progress as you have direct access to me and to check in.  We will work on your goal of weight loss, reclaiming our health, and going through it …TOGETHER.

In the private Facebook group, some people would drop back in participation because life pressed in, and when they did the community would reach out and tell them they were welcome back at any time, and assured them that they were missed. Because of that we didn’t lose anyone. It was a safe place to come back to; where successes were celebrated and backsliding was forgiven. I enjoy the group as it brings new friends into my life, and because we went through something so personal as weight loss together, bonds were/are created and in some cases, life long friendships are made.

Yes, if you workout consistently and eat well consistently you WILL get results. But when you add the third cord to that system – the cord of accountability – not only will you see the odds of getting results climb, but you’ll feel a part of something. Something new, something good, something that will make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle and not just a passing phase.

That’s the magic of Accountability. People need people.  With the group, the excitement created by the Isagenix Blitz Facebook page and my private accountability, you WILL cross the goal line. And you’ll do so linking arms with those who ran the race with you! ☺


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