Entrepreneurs are like an Athlete!

DSC_f0525Entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, business women.. we all need to work our businesses at our peak performance, as an athlete does.  An athlete will exercise in a general way and also in a sports specific way.  In addition, the athlete will eat specific to the sport they are training for or in any case, eat for performance.  We, as business people, don’t always eat because we have “no time,” “got caught up at work,” or other reasons.  Why do we short change our nutrition?  Or maybe put off eating to late at night and work through lunch?  Do you know that nutrition is the key to keeping up your energy, creativity, confidence, stamina and overall, good feelings?

I want to show you how to change this cycle in such a simple way.  I’ve had energy and creativity problems myself, so why not share what works well for me?!   I’ll give you a list and let me know what you think!

  1. Energy intake – coffee, E+ shots.  You can use this first thing in the morning or when you really give up on your energy!  If you have a hard time sleeping, avoid caffeine or energy foods or sugar by mid afternoon.  I usually say around 3pm is the end for me.
  2. Protein – we need more as we get older.  Be sure to load up breakfast with protein, as well as much of your day.  When you get the right amount of nutrients in each group, carbohydrates, fats and protein, you will naturally feel better.  Getting enough of the other 2 categories is much easier, so focus on getting protein and you will feel good and satisfied. I love the isalean pro, satisfied for 3 hours!
  3. Salads.  The most wonderful carbohydrates you could eat!  It’s raw, making your body work harder to digest, and it’s vegetables!  You will feel full from this and chew longer, digest longer, and that’s all good if you want to consider weight loss or weight maintenance, as well as energy.
  4. Gluten or not.  You can experiment with this.  Many people find that after giving up gluten, they have more energy, less bloating and less gas.  So consider this!
  5. Stomach holds 2-3 hours of food, honor this!  Don’t go too much longer or you will have less energy and lead yourself towards binge eating, thus weight gain.
  6. Timing and planning, coaching too!  Timing your foods is very important.  Plan the amount of food and meals ahead, knowing what your day is like.  This will become an easy habit once you do this for a few weeks.  I’m happy to coach you or simply talk with you about this, contact me for a quick discovery session.  I want your success!  But I know, you also want your success and energy back too!


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