Baby Steps to Flatter Belly, Healthy Gut

I’ve been changing what I eat over time and it’s been a journey, not a diet, not a one time wonder!  I wanted to share this with you as you busy Mommas and women and families change their number one impact on their results… what you eat!!  This will impact your results by 80%, exercise is a much smaller percentage but so well worth it for many reasons.

To start, I was already eating mostly healthy, so I thought.  I also through I had the healthiest meal of the day in a shake, but I was wrong.  I realized that what was going in was causing bloat.  This led to questioning all that I do for my fitness.  Why was I still “big belly” with all that I do?

I had to do a big change by switching my daily meal shake, cleansing and detoxing.  And then some baby step changes that are further leading me to keep a flatter belly.  And verifying that my fitness programs are making an impact on my size!

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