Workday Sitting all day? Get Your Body Unstiff

You know the feeling when you are on a roll… you tend to sit the whole time, don’t want to get up until your thought or project is carried out.  I bet if you checked in with your breath, you would only breathe sporadically!

When you are sitting for so long, do you get a creaky feeling around your hips?  Do you notice that your gut becomes relaxed and outward?  And that your back might become hunched over?  Back ache?

There’s a way to get over all this and more.  My top recommendation, is to give yourself 1 hour blocks of time.  There are many reasons for this work tactic, so I’ll list them.

  • You’ll get up more often. Burn more calories and become a little more active.
  • You won’t slow down when you have the hour deadline.
  • You will relieve your hips, butt and lower back area.
  • You’ll enjoy a nice deep breathe which will give you energy.
  • You’ll be able to connect with friends who might give you more ideas and energy.
  • You could even drink more water as you take these breaks!
  • Breaks are good for your eyes too, especially as we get older, we need the break from looking at the computer and away to other things or just close our eyes.

If you didn’t give yourself one hour blocks of time today and you feel creaky and wonder how to stretch, here’s some ideas.

  • Using exercise tubing or a cloth, bring your arms up, then attempt to pull the cloth apart.
  • Next side bend, and other side.
  • Bend back and front, but only slightly.
  • Do some dynamic stretches – arm circles and hip circles.

So simple you can do this anywhere!!  Then take a walk to get more water so you will have to get up in an hour!  Feel free to get my newsletter for more helpful info and special deals.  I’d be so thrilled to motivate you to get started or restarted on nutrition and fitness that really helps us become amazing and healthy! Contact me for a free motivational consult.  I’m also building a motivational group just for you, the business women, entrepreneur, Body and Business, join me.


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