Accountability in a Simple Activity Monitor- Exercise Consistency for Women over 40

How do you finally get yourself to exercise consistently to get the results you want?  The key is accountability.  But another key is also fun.  Today, let’s find a fun exercise for you as well as a way to stay accountable.

Stay consistently with fun, enjoyable exercise.

When determining what you enjoy or have fun with, think of what you enjoyed when you were a kid.  Was it running, hiking in the woods, dancing or doing crazy jumping things?  Then translate that activity to our adult world and what you can do, if you might have limitations.  Some of the most fun exercises are in group classes, such as, kickboxing, zumba or dance, bootcamps with crazy activities or a quieter core class.

Accountability in a Monitor! With a Partner!caltrac

Yes, you can find monitors to help you stay consistent!  I’m kind of old school and used this device that looks like a pager, called the caltrac.  It’s based on accelerometer technology, sensitive to accelerations and decelerations.  Walking or running or any movements has a series of starts and stops.  It is pretty accurate as it measures your calories burned, rather than steps taken.  Measuring calories burned is really important as we want to burn fat to lose weight.  There’s 3500 calories in one fat pound, so each day we want to lose more of that fat pound.  It gives you the calculation you need to calculate resting metabolic rate, so that you know you need that many calories just to exist and then you can burn the extra you don’t need for your activity or your existence.

When you think you are not doing much, you will look at your caltrac and find out, you are actually doing pretty good!  That’s instant encouragement.  You can also record the info (write it down – old school) and compare and see how well you are doing.  Take this caltrac2one step further by letting an expert or fitness person know, contact me for accountability!

This is perfect for the numbers person!  And it’s a perfect reminder that you need to exercise because it’s on your waistband and you see it daily.

Will you get this one or the latest app?  What’s your favorite exercise?  Let us know!

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