Does it Matter What you Wear While Exercising?

“It’s important to have the right clothing to exercise in.  If you throw on an old t-shirt or sweats, it’s not inspiring for your workout.”  Cheryl Tiegs

Do you think it’s important to exercise in the right, inspiring clothing?  Or would you rather just exercise in an old t-shirt?  I would love to hear your side of this, so please comment!  My answer… usually it doesn’t matter what you wear when you exercise.  As long as you exercise consistently.  I have my reasons and will happily share it with you!

  • I like to wear anything that’s comfortable, usually something that wicks but still that’s even not important sometimes.
  • Exercise at home – time to wear anything at all, even the grubbies or even the shirts that reveal too much for the gym.  It doesn’t matter!  I love the freedom of exercising at home, anytime and wear anything, even a t-shirt that has holes!
  • Clothes have memories.  The old t-shirts are kept because somehow, we still like them and they probably have some memories.  So, enjoy them while exercising!
  • Wearing something special may prevent you from exercising, so if it does, then wear anything.  On the other hand, yes, it can be inspiring to wear some fun exercise clothes.
  • I know a someone who wears only underwear while he walks on his treadmill.  Oh, the comforts of home exercise!

Just keep exercising!  Feel free to contact me for more inspiration and fun around exercise! And let me know what you wear or don’t wear!

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