You’re not losing weight- Here’s why.. U can Lose Weight

First of all, you can definitely lose weight but if you are not losing weight, find the reason and change your ways.  If everyone can lose weight, then there is an answer weight loss commitment, lose weight over 40for you, something else you could be doing better.  But it requires you to change your current behavior.  If you are willing to do that, you will lose weight and feel so much better and healthier.

Here’s a few areas – Why you are not losing weight

1. Exercise – be sure you are focused and working hard.  You only need 30 min of focused work, picking up the pace in a walk or jog to a run, weights with minimal rest and really feeling the burn.
2.  Food – eat often but not a ton.  This is hard but you have to eat, no skipping meals and no gorging.
3. Changing your body takes.. change.  So keep it fresh and you will lose weight.

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