Running everyday.. better way + running injury free

If you are excited to run everyday, don’t be.  You could get injured and lose weight nownot get any better, faster or stronger.  This could make you upset, depressed and possibly stop all exercise.  There is a better way.  Instead, cross train, run 2-3x week.  Change it up to keep your muscles fresh!  And I promise, you will enjoy it more, look forward to your runs and lose weight possibly.

I’m a running and like you enjoy running often.  But I have been running now only 2 times a week.  For each run, I still feel strong and fresh.  I look forward to my runs because they are infrequent.  Do this today!  You will be happier and get better results, whether it’s weight loss or just your pure enjoyment of running!  Feel free to contact me and tell me about your running!  Or ask me about a recommended cross training workout.

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