Top Reason Why People Don’t Exercise: I have no time to Exercise!

I have no time!!  The top reason why we don’t exercise.  Between kids and work and house and a few minutes to relax, exercise doesn’t happen!

But maybe you are expecting too much.  Maybe you think that your workout needs to be longer than it has to be.  Maybe you need to include travel time to and from the gym.  lose weight fast, women lose weight

The secret to great results is found in the “afterburn.”  This is the time after exercise that you are still burning calories.  You can experience the “afterburn” for hours to even up to 30 hours!  This all depends on what you did for exercise and how hard you pushed.  When I say push, this can be any level of push.  From just a little more to full out 100% push, the feeling you can’t push any harder.  You can use weights, body weighted exercises or cardio type exercise.  Any push will get you some “afterburn.”  Have a look at what Shaun T does and that you can do these simple moves to lose weight.  Enjoy the video.

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