Three Tips to Get Flat Sexy Abs – Lose Weight Over 40

Lose weight over 40, flat sexy absYou can get Flat Sexy Abs.  And you can lose weight over 40.  But, let me give you a hint – doing what you are doing right now isn’t working, so don’t do that!  You need to change your ways to being consistently healthier and moving more, and of course, doing ab exercises at least every other day.

Here’s my Three Tips to Get Flat Sexy Abs:

  1. Water.  What?  Water?  Yes, be sure to drink a lot of water each day.  Shoot for 100 ounces.  It needs to be water or teas – nothing that will add a lot of calories.  There’s a few reasons for this.  It helps you feel fuller and avoid higher calorie options.  Less calories, especially the sugar calories, will help you lose weight to uncover your sexy abs.   And of course water helps clean you out.
  2. Food.  Yes, food!  Be sure to each breakfast, lunch and dinner.  2 snacks between meals too – only if you are eating smaller main meals.   Drop sugar and you will drop your cravings of sugar.  This will help you lose weight so you and others will see those sexy abs!  Yes, you foods should be healthy, avoiding fats, and focusing on veggies, some fruit, and meats.  Some grains too.  Make your healthy foods easily accessible so you can grab it when you are hungry and dinner is not yet ready!
  3. Exercise.  Yes, exercise!  Make it fun but hard too.  If you are just getting back to exercise, take it easy first but then be sure to add in bursts of harder work.  Working just a little bit harder for a short time will burn more calories after your workout.  This is interval training.  This can be for anyone because anyone can work a little harder or a lot harder, for a short time and then recovery for a short time.  Check out this HIIT video and you will see my example!  My favorite home exercise program Turbo Fire has HIIT, truly amazing!  Order as a challenge pack and you will have your healthy food covered, ask me!

Bonus – Favorite Ab exercises!!! 

My favorite Ab exercises are done in the plank position!  Plank can be done on your forearms and toes or knees, but keep your body flat, like a plank.  Anyone can do this, just modify and then get stronger – and yes, you can lose weight over 40! Then knee to elbow, knee to opposite elbow, knees down and up.  Down dog to plank and then add one leg up with down dog to plank.  Enjoy my video that includes much of this!

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