Here’s a Valentine’s Kid’s Craft & How to Lose Weight Fast for Women Over 40 Tip

Valentine Kids Craft, lose weight over 40Ok, you know the drill.  You get the call from the school and now you and your beloved little child are home.  Time to get some entertaining ready for your child.  But.. you didn’t get anything ready?!  Oh no!

Like you, I’m also very busy as a Mom of a 5yr old and a 16 mos baby.  I have to fit my exercise in when they are not around or when my 5yr old is busy with something.  I exercise at home first thing.  My workout is Body Combat, love it!!   One of my favorite exercise programs for women over 40!

On a snowday and weekend, I like to get a craft or some project for him to do.  This time, it was a simple project or craft, for Valentine’s day!  It’s simple using stuff you have in your home.  A full tissue box, white paper, scissors, glue, markers, ribbon, tape.  Or anything else you like to decorate with.  Jut wrap up the box and then decorate.  Allow your child be imaginative and maybe use some of your ideas too.  My son really liked it.

Here’s a video:

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