Shaun T: Best Moves to Tone Thighs and Abs?

Did you know that you can learn from the trainers through the FREE membership?  They are often on video chats and respond to your questions too!  This article is based on Shaun T’s video chat, when he was asked what he recommended for the best moves to tone the thighs and abs.  What do you think?!Shaun t pin

The Best Moves that Shaun T, Creator of Insanity, Recommends for Thighs and Abs

  • Focus is the point!  Do all the exercises correctly with perfect form.  Focus on your core.
  • Full body workout.  Doing small muscles will not get you the weight loss results you want, as well as the tone. Work many muscles!
  • Follow the nutrition guide.  80% of your results are here!!!!  well.. maybe not 80% but a good portion.
  • Be realistic!  Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense for some people to lose weight in certain areas.  Those are your trouble areas, the areas you will always be a bit larger, but only a little bit. Be realistic.
  • Don’t go too far with programs.   Ask yourself, how do you feel? and if you feel fat…  Judge yourself with how you feel, so you can feel good all around. Not just the outside.
  • Don’t take it too seriously.  Have fun with the programs.  Be consistent and the results will happen for you!


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