Running and Not Losing Weight?  Here’s how you can..

Lose weight over 40, benefits of runningThere’s a few reasons why we run.  We may just love being outside, enjoying the sights and sounds but we also may be running so that we can do a convenient exercise that helps us lose weight.  If that’s you, looking for convenience and weight loss, you might have missed the weight loss part.  I’m here to help you lose weight with running and with adding something different into your weekly program, through cross training.

Running long and slow does not heat up the metabolism and help you lose weight.  You might think it does but you are also the same person who is looking to lose weight and running isn’t working!  So, you have to do something different with your run.

Add in intervals to your run.  By just adding in 30 seconds of a hard push and a 2 min or less recovery jog, 6-7 times, your metabolism will increase for hours after your run, burning much more calories.  And you will be closer to your weight loss goal soon!  Within weeks, you should see and feel the difference.  Be sure not to do this daily.

Next, you can cross train on off days.  The cross training needs to specifically involve HIIT – high intensity interval training.  This is best done with other people or through a video.  I specifically recommend the following programs – Turbo Fire and Insanity and Focus T25.   These programs have worked for me, getting me off plateaus and really changed my body, even when I was over 40.  So if you think you can’t change your body over 40, you could be wrong, so try it today!  If you get something that isn’t a match, just send it back!

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