No Dieting is the Key to How to Lose Weight Fast for Women over 40

You want to know how to lose weight fast for women over 40?  It’s probably the hardest thing you can do… do NOT DIET!  What?  For real?  Yes, by dieting you actually slow down your metabolism, which will slow down and stop your keep calm no dietcalories burning capacity, even if you are exercising.  In fact, too low calorie diet and exercise, will actually help to gain (fat) weight – not a good thing if you are serious about getting a toned, healthy body!  This is the expert opinion, not just my opinion, although, sadly, I’ve tested this out and it’s true, that you will gain weight with a low calorie diet and exercise.  So, DON’T DIET!

What is the answer to how to lose weight fast for women over 40?  Low intensity exercises, weight training, and balanced healthy lifestyle diet (no low calorie diet)

As a woman over 40, realize that your bones have aged and might also lost some density as well as you’ve lost some muscle.  Both of which are needed to keep your metabolism up, for higher fat burning all day.  As a result, modified and low intensity exercises are best for keeping fit, agile and healthy.  Weight training is essential to bringing up your metabolic rate and burning fat, resulting in a toned, thinner body!   Just what you wanted!

Is there a home program that I would recommend for you, given these above recommendations?  Yes!  Chalene Extreme is one of my favorites.  Contact me for more info on it.  You will do your weight training, and will get cardio exercise, but at any intensity that is right for you.  And you will receive a balanced diet, full of great recipe ideas.

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