Keep Kids Biking will Keep Mom Exercising!

Exercise programs for women over 40!

Today was a milestone day for my 5 year old.  I look him on a bike ride and he rode a dirt trail with his bike!  And loved it!  This is just the beginning for mountain biking for him – or at least trail riding.  This is exciting because Mom loves to mountain bike ride!

MTB first day with LucasI absolutely love to mountain bike ride but gave it up right around the time of having kids.  It’s so much easier to get out on the road and quicker too.  Now, I can see some excitement coming back at me – mountain biking with my son!  How exciting.

Moms – what do you like to do that your child can join you doing?  Is it walking, biking, hiking, running?  What have you been putting off because of having kids?  Your kids want you happy and able to have stamina to play with them, so get with an exercise program and enjoy being with them doing something you enjoy!!

When you exercise together, can’t you see that you will have fun with your child, get them into a healthy lifestyle, while you get back into shape?  It’s the best combo platter ever!  These ideas are all great for exercise programs for women over 40 and at any age.  This is how you spend time having fun together!

Moms – you probably like dancing, right? Zumba?  How about Hip Hop Abs or Rockin Body?  Check it out.  Wouldn’t it be fun to share fitness dance with your child?  It’s so much fun to do it together!

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