Get Started with Exercise when You’d Rather Scrapbook

me scrap2I know there are other things you’d rather do than exercise.  Believe me, I’m an avid scrapbooker but like other “chores,” I work hard and then I get my reward.  Ahhh, some reading and some scrapbooking!!  Oh, I love to see my scrapbooks and relive my photos.  I’m sure you do too.  Here’s one of my pages!  Boston Aug2013 - Page 001

You know very well that people have recommended that you get healthy and exercise.. but how do I get out of my own way and get started?

How do I change my comfortable pattern of behavior to include health and fitness?

1.  Be in touch with Why you are doing it in the first place.

2.  Keep it short.  Exercise can be as short as 30 min and you will have plenty of benefits.  That way you can still scrapbook later – as your reward!  I love that part!!

3.  Start with a low intensity and then move up to “breathless.”   But only do this when you are ready to.

4.  Tell someone, tell more than one person that you will do this.  I suggest, tell me!  yes, I will help you get this done – included with the home fitness programs!  You will be more committed!

5.  Find fun and enjoyment in exercise.  There’s so much to choose from but I suggest what is fun to you and what has fun music too.

6.  Get started with our next FREE 5 day challenge or with the complete 21 day challenge.  Either one will keep you accountable.   You will purchase a fitness program that’s best for you (after we figure it out together), and then you are ready for 21 days of real commitment and changes!

Contact me to schedule your free “back on track” strategies session.

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