Exercise with your child and lose weight over 40Your Child helps you Exercise & You Lose Weight Over 40!

You as a parent set the example for your kids.  Most of the times, you are a very positive example, someone they want to be.  If you want your kids to be healthy and you want to lose weight over 40, you can do both!!!!  It just takes some training and some time.  It takes some time outs too but the rewards are many.

Many parents, Mom and Dad, are so busy with their kids and their work that they can’t fit in exercise.  After you train your kids to be respectful to let you exercise, they might want to join in!  And then you will see what a positive role model you are for your 5 year old!   Now you are over 40, maybe?  And now, you can surely lose weight over 40!  Is that great or what?!

Here’s what happened at my home this morning!

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3 thoughts on “Exercise with Your Child & Lose Weight!

  1. Too cute! Exercising in his PJ’s! You’re being a GREAT role model!

  2. Francesca, you are modeling the MOST important behavior for your child… teaching him the value of taking care of himself forever! Imagine if every mother did this for their child… we would not have a world of adults struggling to figure out how to lose weight and improve their health. It would be their lifestyle right from the beginning!

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