Don’t Eat Your Child’s Cookies! Weight Loss + Family in Balance…

Being a mother means so much… we spend precious time with our children and they like cookies.  So we make cookies together, a nice activity that can get their creative juices flowing.  This is great to do together, especially if it’s raining.

But here’s the thing… you weight loss program doesn’t have to stop just cause you did this wonderful activity together.  You don’t have to eat their cookies!!  You can simply admire them and move onto your better food choices.  I do this all the time.  It’s actually easier to do than you think.  It’s just about chLucas made bunny cookiesanging your present habits.  Don’t dip into the cookie jar!  Go for fruit instead.

Here’s my son, Lucas, showing us all the cookies he helped make!  He’s so  proud!  He loves to do this with me!  It’s our thing!  And it’s his delicious cookies after.  I give him the easy part or the most fun and creative part.  He takes the creative part to a higher level than I ever would anyway!!

Keep my words in your head, and you will thank me for keeping you away from the cookie jar and their mac n cheese too!  It’s not for you!  It’s for them!!

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