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Curb Your Appetite & Stop Overeating with this One Tip!

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What’s on your mind when you’re eating? Usually for me, it’s NOT the food on my plate. I think about which bills are due, or the long list of things I need to accomplish. I’ve noticed that when I watch television while eating dinner, the speed of my bites mirrors the speed of the action on the screen, and I end up eating more.
When I eat while perusing social media, I may learn which Downton Abbey character I most resemble (Lady Mary), but I hardly taste my food, it just goes down the hatch. With the pace and technology of modern life, many people have a tendency to eat unconsciously. They eat while working, or eat for the duration of a television program, finishing every bite on their plate whether or not they are hungry. This can lead to reduced satisfaction from meals and accidentally consuming lots of extra calories!
Do you ever eat mindlessly?  Make one meal today a practice in mindful eating. This means that eating your meal is the only thing you are doing or thinking about. Unplug from technology and anything else that distracts you. If you can, eat alone in a quiet room or at a park. Let nothing come between you and the experience of eating your food! The hope is that the urge to plow through your food will subside, and you’ll get greater satisfaction from your meal, notice when you’ve had enough, and possibly eat a little less than you would have if you weren’t paying attention.

How to eat Mindfully…

Before you even take a bite, spend some time observing your food. Are its colors and aroma appealing? Does it look nutritious? Ask yourself, “Why am I eating this?” Is it because you are truly hungry, because this is the only time you have to eat, or is there an emotional reason for this meal? Think about the origins of your food, the farmers who grew it, the distance it traveled to get to you, the work that went into cooking the meal. When you’re ready to eat, take one bite and put your fork down. Savor the flavors and textures of the food. Notice the spiciness, saltiness, crunch, tenderness, and temperature and the sensation of chewing and swallowing. Don’t pick up your fork again until you’ve finished your first bite and taken a breath. Continue eating this way for as long as you can. For those of us who are not accustomed to mindful eating, it can be quite a challenge!
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