Are you saying… “I Want Flat Abs!” ?

You can Lose Weight Over 40 and Get Flat Abs!

Ok, you are saying and asking, “How can this happen?  I want flat abs!”  Can you honestly say that you’ve been doing everything to get flat abs?  Good diet, water, exercise..?   Read on and you will find out three things to do to get flat abs.  and get flat abs while you lose weight over 40.   Then do it and do it again and again, consistently!

lose weight over 40, flat abs

Three Things to do for Getting Flat Abs!

  1. Drink water!  That means lots of water.  Find a bottle or glass.  Determine how many ounces are in the bottle and then aim for 100 per day.  If you are a parent, you might know about sticker charts – chart this behavior!!  Everyday, write down how many ounces you had each time you had water.  At the end of the day, add it up and it should total 100.  Check yourself in the middle of the day, to be sure you are on track too!  This habit will flush out your system and help you feel full and healthier too.  Do not add sugar or artificial sweeteners, just ice or a tea bag.  Keep it simple with no bad calories added.
  2. Do exercise!!  That means almost everyday.   Good, harder cardio will burn calories.  The more calories you burn = more fat you burn.  Be sure you lose weight over 40, flat absalso do weights and stretches.  Weight training will give you beautiful muscle and allow you to burn calories after your session.  Stretching will allow your body to continue exercising, injury free!  I didn’t say abs.. yes, I know “I want flat abs!”  but abs exercises won’t burn the fat all day and not even enough to uncover your sexy abs that you already have!  You need cardio and weights and flexibility exercises, consistently and that way, you will burn fat and lose weight over 40!
  3. Do healthy foods!  Eat foods for a good, flat belly.  Along with your 100 ounces of water that you will take in daily, be sure to have your veggies and protein.  These will help you feel full and take you eyes and mouth away from what you shouldn’t eat – sugar.  Avoid all sugary foods and become nearly sugar free.  Sugar is addictive, you know this!  Get rid of most of the refined sugars and you will feel better and lose your belly fat, lose weight over 40, uncovering your sexy abs.  Really!  You have them!  If you are prone to bloating, avoid bloat causing foods like beans and broccoli.  But first drink more water, have more lean meats – protein, and veggies.  Some fat is ok.

Consistently do this!!  100 oz of water, exercise daily, and eat much healthier.  Control portion sizes too.  You can do this!  Others have lost a lot of weight and you can too.   Commit 100% and you will be successful 100%!

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